About Us

Dr. Dana created Carrollwood Dental so she could offer her patients a beautiful smile in a relaxing environment.

Dr. Dana knows that a relaxed patient will achieve better results and greater satisfaction with any dental service, whether it is preventive (cleaning), restorative (fillings or crowns) or cosmetic (whitening, bonding, straightening).

Relaxed patients require less numbing and less pain medication.  Happy patients keep Dr. Dana's staff happy, too!

Enter the relaxing environment of our dental facilities ...

You are greeted by a friendly staff, cozy pillow, warm paraffin, or blankets if you so desire.

Reception area is warm and inviting

Spacious, modern and bright!

Mission Statement
Carrollwood Dental team dedicates itself to providing the ultimate in patient care, with incomparable courtesy for your comfort. 

  • We honor the value of your health and time.
  • Our diversified team consistently seeks to enhance our knowledge and skill.
  • We can confidently say your experience will be a positively memorable one.

Dr. Dana and her staff believe you deserve the same level of attention to your comfort as to your dental services -- professionalism and compassion at the same time.

Best Dr. of Dentistry ever‎‎!

Dr. Dana is the best dentist I have ever had. Her facility provides a warm, caring, and sincere experience. Getting treatment for teeth can be a painful experience (as well as stressful), and Dr. Dana, as well as her entire staff, are committed to ensuring a positive, pleasant experience for her patients. And, in particular, I have had more than 5 crowns done....and I continue to go back because I know that under her care, my smile is protected.

I showed up the other day without a cavity in my mouth. 1st time in my 34 years of life. Dr. Dana, thank you for taking care of my smile.
- Chris LaBrado

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