By Carrollwood Dental
February 28, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

You despair over your failing teeth and gapped smile, but honestly, you don't have to feel that way. Dr. Dana Cuculici has your best oral dental crownshealth and smile aesthetics in hand with state-of-the-art restorative treatments that can remake your damaged teeth. In fact, your look and oral function will be just as it used to be--only better--because of the advanced techniques Dr. Cuculici is known for in Tampa, FL. Do you need crowns and bridgework? Get the finest at Carrollwood Dental Spa.

A renewed smile through crowns

Let's first talk about those failing teeth. Extensive decay, oral injury, or dental abscesses severely compromise the health and structure of teeth, but extraction is not the only option. In fact, extraction can compound oral health issues by degrading gums and bones and leaving gaps that affect the strength and position of remaining teeth.

As such, Dr. Cuculici will evaluate the teeth in question to explore the possibility of dental crowns. Also called caps, crowns are fashioned from lifelike porcelain, a durable material that custom-covers remaining enamel. Not only do crowns restore structure, function, and beauty, they also protect the tooth from additional damage or decay.

Crowns are versatile, too. Besides restoring decayed or weak teeth, dental crowns are the finishing touch to teeth healed by root canal therapy. After the dentist removes the diseased interior tooth pulp, she shapes the tooth to receive its new cap, thus avoiding extraction.

A complete smile through bridgework

Additionally, crowns support a traditional tooth replacement called fixed bridgework. Say you are missing one, two or even more adjoining teeth due to a car accident or other mishap. You may be a candidate for bridgework in which the dentist fills the gap with pontic, or artificial teeth, which are affixed to remaining teeth with crowns.

To prepare a site for bridgework, Dr. Cuculici assesses the health of the teeth which will support the bridge. The teeth which will receive the crowns are called abutment teeth. They must be strong to bear the physical forces of the bridge. The dentist reduces the abutment teeth in size so they can accept the supporting crowns properly.

With accurate X-ray imaging, oral impressions, and a detailed treatment plan, a trusted dental lab creates the crown and bridgework combination in Tampa. During a subsequent visit to Carrollwood Dental Spa, Dr. Cuculici bonds the appliance in place and adjusts it for bite and fit.

Your smile is restored

The American College of Prosthodontists says that the single tooth crown is today's most popular restoration. Why is that? It's because crowns spare teeth for years of additional service. And for gaps, you can count on the beauty and strength of well-crafted bridgework.

For a restorative dentistry consultation on bridges and crowns, please contact Carrollwood Dental Spa in Tampa, FL. You'll be surprised what Dr. Cuculici and her team can do for your smile. Call (813) 264-6911 for an appointment.