The following dental restorations and procedures are all ones you've likely heard of before. However, many of Dr. Dana Cuculici's restorative dentistrypatients at Carrollwood Dental in Tampa, FL, aren't familiar with the exact reasons behind them, especially if they've never received one before. Dr. Cuculici and her staff want all their patients to understand the procedures they need; here are some helpful details about crowns, bridges, dental implants and root canals.


When damage has left the health of a tooth too precarious to survive on its own, crowns from your Tampa dentist can restore its function and appearance. They cover up a tooth that has significant decay or breakage but still has an intact root system. Crowns, which can be made of porcelain or metal materials, seal off the tooth from further damage and allow normal function again.


Besides fixing dental damage, crowns are the anchors of bridges, which fill in gaps from missing teeth. The bridge is a restoration made of an artificial tooth (or teeth) that is held securely in place by crowns on either side. The crowns are affixed to healthy natural teeth to give the bridge extra support. The result is a complete and beautiful smile!

Dental implants

Another option for restoring missing teeth is through the installation of dental implants. Your Tampa dentist inserts a tiny metal post into your jawbone where a missing tooth once was, replicating its root. The jawbone naturally grows back around the post, securing it into place and allowing the rest of the implant - the abutment and the crown - to be attached. Dental implants are the most long-lasting and realistic tooth restorations available today.

Root canals

This dental procedure has a bad reputation for all the wrong reasons. Your dentist, Dr. Cuculici, assures each of her patients that root canals are a helpful, not harmful procedure. They restore teeth by removing the inner tissues that have been affected by decay or injuries, allowing a natural tooth to remain in place. Most teeth with root canals require a crown to finish them off and protect the tooth from any more problems.

If you need one of these treatments, or to learn more about them, contact Carrollwood Dental in Tampa, FL! We'd be happy to help you!